A New Month

It’s shaping up to be another dumpster fire of a year (although on Twitter, someone mentioned that 2017 is more like an outhouse fire. I like that.) We’re losing everything that we took for granted.

Lauren was sick Monday night and Tuesday. The rest of us are just waiting to get it, so that’ never fun. I don’t know what to make for meals and I make sure the whole house is picked up.

We have an inspection on Friday. It’s not too big of a deal, since for once, my house is pretty clean. It’s sort of nice not knowing when there will be an inspection, so I make sure to keep it extra clean and tidy. Yeah, some of the closets are a little cluttered, but the kids have so many clothes, it’s hard to know which ones to keep and which to donate.

I’ve been glued to Twitter, trying to figure out if She Who Shall Not Be Named will be in charge of my children’s educations. Outrageous. Just outrageous.

Anyway, it was -12 with the windchill today, but we needed to get outside and run off some energy. By the time we walked the three minutes to the beginning of the trail, I was ready to head back (forgot my gloves like a bad Minnesotan, and my fingers froze while I was trying to take photos.) I made the kids run back and forth on a short length of trail, then we went back home to warm up ad fold five loads of laundry.

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Tomorrow’s a new day.

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