Scheduling Time During The Summer | Part 1

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I have been lazy this summer (so far, I mean, it’s only mid-June!) But my kids have things to do and places to go (parks and lakes and fishing and camping and and and) so I need to be a little more intentional with my time, making sure that I get all of the grown-up things done, so I can have fun with my kids. 

Scheduling Time In The Summer | Beth Hardinger Blog
I’ve been doing a lot of reading about block scheduling right now – Ali Edwards has a post about this, and it’s how she gets all of her awesome projects done. I know that it’s not a new concept, but it’s new to me. I even have a board on Pinterest just for this. The next step is sitting down and actually figuring out a schedule! I’ll be using Google Calendar (color-coding!) and my inkWELL Press planner.

Stay tuned for my next post – how I put together my schedule – including fun and family time!

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Summer Reading Recommendations

I have the hardest time finding good books. I’ve been stuck in a YA paranormal rut forever, but would really like to branch out and start reading “grown-up books”. I’m not a big non-fiction fan, but there are some that seem interesting. So I want to know, what are you reading this summer? What’s on your list? Fiction, non-fiction, any and all genres. Let me know!!

Beth Hardinger Blog - Summer Reading

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Little Things Thursday

I used to participate in this weekly link-up several years ago. I miss blogging and I miss the friendships that were made blog-hopping and commenting on each other’s sites. I hope to get that back one day. This is the beginning. 

Little Things Thursday
I took the kids to see my parents and brother for Memorial Day weekend. We spent the majority of the time out by the campfire, even when it was sprinkling (it did storm once or twice, so we baked and watched movies). The kids absolutely love it there, and I do too, now that I don’t have anxiety and fear hanging over me (more on that some other day). 

As usual, I took way too many photos. Here’s just a few. 

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100 Day Goal

(Mental Health Monday is on a short hiatus, while I work through my divorce.)

100 Day Goal Challenge
Beginning today, I am starting the 100 Day Goal challenge. I think it’s ultimately supposed to be about building a business, but I’m using this challenge to reinvent myself. I’ve been doing a lot of googling and Pinteresting in the past few days, and learned that reinventing yourself is basically starting over. 

A divorce means starting over, in almost everything. So I figured now would be a good a time as any. I’m still making lists and working out details. I know it won’t be a quick process (which is why I have 100 days to get going). I know that I will fail but I will pick myself back up and keep going. I have the motivation to create a better, happier, more fulfilling life for us (me and the kids) and I’m not content anymore to just sit at home and binge Parks and Rec while eating cheetos (although that might happen some days, and I know that’s ok). 

Basically, I need to come up with a new person – the new me. Who I want to be, what I want to look like (weight, hair, clothes), what I want to do with my life. Goals, passions, how I want to act. Right now, I’d like the new me to be completely different than the me right now. 

It’s going to be hard work. Some days, I will feel like quitting. But I need to start living – not just surviving. 

Join in if you want to! (I’ll also be following Day Designer’s 30 Day Habit Challenge, which will fit nicely with the 100 Day Goal.) I’ll be posting progress maybe weekly, maybe a few times a week, depending on how much progress is being made. 

It’s my birthday month (I’ll be 31 on the 25th, which also would have been my 10th wedding anniversary) so I’m determined to make these next weeks count! Happy May!

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