Same Stuff, Different Day

Hannah and I finished cleaning the house this morning before the inspection, which was fine, I think.

My mom decided to Down the night with us, so we met at Costco for dinner then went to Target to find swimsuits for our upcoming trip to the Twin Cities. (We also bought some Valentine’s Day candy-including Ghirardelli truffles-only at Target around Valentine’s Day.) 

The kids went to bed way too late and I can’t sleep because the country is sinking further and further into the pits of hell. But the kids want donuts for breakfast, so I’m clinging to any little shred of happiness. 

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Somebody Famous

As I was watching the junk show that is our government, I got an email from Avery’s teacher, saying they were starting a writing unit on biographies, so she needed to write about somebody famous. The first person that popped into my mind was the creator of Doc McStuffins, Chris “Doc” Nee.

I’ll be posting Avery’s writing here when she’s finished.


Lauren is going on a field trip, to a camp for people with disabilities. I like this camp, and what they are doing, but I wish they had more activities for younger people with disabilities. Everything they post looks so fun, but it’s only for adults. There really isn’t anything for Lauren to do around here, with other kids her age. (And yes, I’ve tried to start things multiple times. Hard to do when we don’t know anyone else with disabilities.)

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(Avery was reading 47 Strings to the kids.)




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A New Month

It’s shaping up to be another dumpster fire of a year (although on Twitter, someone mentioned that 2017 is more like an outhouse fire. I like that.) We’re losing everything that we took for granted.

Lauren was sick Monday night and Tuesday. The rest of us are just waiting to get it, so that’ never fun. I don’t know what to make for meals and I make sure the whole house is picked up.

We have an inspection on Friday. It’s not too big of a deal, since for once, my house is pretty clean. It’s sort of nice not knowing when there will be an inspection, so I make sure to keep it extra clean and tidy. Yeah, some of the closets are a little cluttered, but the kids have so many clothes, it’s hard to know which ones to keep and which to donate.

I’ve been glued to Twitter, trying to figure out if She Who Shall Not Be Named will be in charge of my children’s educations. Outrageous. Just outrageous.

Anyway, it was -12 with the windchill today, but we needed to get outside and run off some energy. By the time we walked the three minutes to the beginning of the trail, I was ready to head back (forgot my gloves like a bad Minnesotan, and my fingers froze while I was trying to take photos.) I made the kids run back and forth on a short length of trail, then we went back home to warm up ad fold five loads of laundry.

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Tomorrow’s a new day.

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Chapter 2017 {Page 25}

**not a happy post**

So much has happened in the past few days (not to my immediate family at this moment) but to the country and really, the world. I don’t know what to say about any of it, because no matter what, it will piss someone off.

I guess the only thing I do want to say is: Lauren’s life, health, education and future are going to be directly affected, and soon. Lauren, and millions of others with special needs/disabilities. They (and their families) have to fight so hard, every single day to prove they belong in the world – that they are human beings with feelings and value. They have to prove they deserve rights, just like everyone else.

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It’s really all I think about these days. I don’t sleep much anymore. How can I? When your child is threatened, how do you concentrate on anything else?

And for people who tell me not to worry about the future – back off. I’m doing the best I can with what I’m given. I have to worry about Lauren’s future – people with disabilities, their futures require planning. You start planning early. You have no choice. I can’t just hope Lauren will find her way when she moves on to middle school in a year and a half, and the teachers will treat her with respect and follow her IEP.

You may not be directly affected by the changes in the country, but millions of others are. And we’re terrified. We feel helpless, especially those of us without a supportive community.

Maybe tomorrow will look brighter. But I think those days are gone.

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Chapter 2017 {Page 23}

I spent an hour or so at Starbucks today, trying to write. It was a huge fail, again. I love the idea of coffee shops, but it’s just not working out. Maybe it’s just THAT coffee shop. I don’t know.

Hannah had a donut for breakfast today, and then a bowl of cereal. Her current favorite is Cinnamon Frosted Flakes. She’s been asking to go to ‘The Kitchen’ (library) for awhile, so we are planning on going tomorrow morning. She hates story time (and just being around other kids in general) but we go, and we try. That’s all I can ask of her at age 3.

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It’s National Reading Day, so the kids read all of their library books to each other. Even Lauren read some of a Curious George book. Avery read us all Orion and the Dark, which was a big hit (and a book that we will be purchasing for our home library!)

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(forgive the poorly-colored photos. wordpress doesn’t like decent-looking pictures.)

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Chapter 2017 {Page 19}

I spent a few hours at Starbucks this morning, trying to get some writing done. Turns out, it’s more chaotic and noisy there than it is at my house. I guess I’m not meant to be one of those cool writers who sit at coffee shops and churn out hundreds of words an hour. I only got 306 words in today, but I set up a new site (B A Harding) and scrolled Pinterest for things to fill it with (like what do authors blog about, other than the books they are writing?)

We tried to go sledding today, since it was 43*, but the snow was too sticky. So the kids decided to have a snowball fight on the playground.

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The kids watched another episode of Just Add Magic and had some popcorn, since it’s National Popcorn Day. Then Tim brought home some ice cream, so they each had to have a bowl of that. Bedtime was a little bit later than usual, but eh. Life is short.

Now it’s only 9pm and I’m already falling asleep at the keyboard. Tomorrow is a new day – a dark day – but we shall survive.

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Chapter 2017 {Page 18}

Hannah always come in at 6:40 and says, “It’s morning! I slept in my own bed!” It’s a good thing we have to get up at 6:45, otherwise I would make her go back to bed.

Hannah and I did four loads of laundry today. Why they have so many clothes, I don’t know. I try to put some away, but then it doesn’t seem like they have enough. I can ‘t wait for summer, when they can just wear shorts and t-shirts all the time. And no socks. Ugh. Socks.

We went sledding after school today with my sister’s kids. They all had fun and no one got hurt, surprisingly, since the crashed into each other quite often.

Beth Hardinger Blog

We had to wander around the store tonight, wasting time, so we found some clearance snow pants for Lauren (with the straps, so they will stay on) and some clear storage bins, also on clearance. Since it’s supposed to be rainy and icky this weekend, I plan on having the kids sort out all of their toys into bins – Barbies, Littlest Pet Shop/Ponies, Doc and Elsa stuff. I also bought a stuffed animal holder a few weeks ago that I never put up. After all the stuff they got for Christmas, it’s just so overwhelming they don’t even know what to play with.

I’m watching Taboo on FX right now. The first episode. I’ve heard good things about it, and I like Tom Hardy in most things, but I’m not sure about this one. It seems way better than The Boring Executioner though.

I didn’t get any writing done tonight, after my 1500-word day yesterday. Oh, well. It’s not like I have an editor or publisher to answer to, although sometimes I wish I did. Having a real deadline might make me take it seriously most days.

We only have one more nice day before the rain and snow start, so we plan on picking both kids up from school again tomorrow (Lauren usually rides the bus) to go sledding one more time. Judging by the 15-day forecast, it looks like we may be on the upswing for temps though, so that makes me happy. I’m already tired of winter. I was sick of it way back on Nov 18, when we got 12″ of snow two days after having temps in the 70s.

I can barely keep my eyes open, so I’m headed to bed. Night!

(I really need to get my s*** together with Project Life. I’m already two weeks behind…)

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Chapter 2017 {Page 17}

The kids finally went back to school today. I mean, it was only one day off, but that really messes with Lauren’s attitude about being home. She can handle Saturday and Sunday. But an extra day (or week? Spring break is coming up) that’s just too much. 

I wrote 1500 words of a story I started last year and haven’t touched since October. I also sent part of it in somewhere to be read so we’ll see what comes of that. 

Following the hearings on Twitter is just…I can’t believe this is our reality now. It’s like a bad movie that never ends. 

Anyway, more sledding tomorrow after school. More temps above freezing tomorrow. More writing tomorrow. 

Now I’m going to try to get Hannah to go to bed. She took a late nap (car nap couldn’t be avoided) so now she’s wired. I’m not though. Sigh. 

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Chapter 2017 {Page 16}

So it’s been a week since I last posted. Honestly. it’s been really quiet around here. Below zero temps, runny noses, unpleasant side effects from meds, and an extreme need to get outside.

On the plus side, the temps are heading up to 30*+ this week, so we will be outside as much as possible, even if the kids just have to run down the sidewalk by our house for five minutes. We plan on going sledding later this afternoon, after lunch (Costco frozen cheese pizzas! Add some bacon – OMG. Yum.)

I marinated a huge pork roast overnight in a fajita marinade. It’s now sitting on four colors of peppers and an onion in the crock pot and smells SO GOOD. I can’t wait for dinner tonight!

Hannah is currently watching the new episodes of Daniel Tiger. She’s been asking every day when they will be on, and when the strawberry and fireworks episodes will be back. (We only have the PBS Kids app on Roku, so we only get 5 episodes at a time.)


We went sledding. Not at the hill everyone else uses (hello Death Hill!) but at a smaller, more kids-friendly hill across the street. Next time, I’m bringing a chair. The kids handled this like pros, so all I needed to do was supervise and occasionally yell, “Watch out for that tree!” We plan on going back later this week when it’s supposed to be close to 40*. I’ll have to dig my camp chair out of storage.

Beth Hardinger Blog

And the dinner I was so excited about? I think I let it cook too long, or didn’t put enough seasoning in, so it just kind of tasted like pork roast. Oh well, the leftovers will be good. All I have to do for dinner tomorrow night is make some potatoes. Boom. Done.

The kids are on their iPads right now, because we’re all tired and it’s not quite bedtime.

Update on my spots: arms are so much better. Legs are coming along nicely, and the rest? Meh. It’s ok. It’s only been a week, so I’d say this is progress.

Back to the routines tomorrow. Have a great week!

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