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So it’s been a week since I last posted. Honestly. it’s been really quiet around here. Below zero temps, runny noses, unpleasant side effects from meds, and an extreme need to get outside.

On the plus side, the temps are heading up to 30*+ this week, so we will be outside as much as possible, even if the kids just have to run down the sidewalk by our house for five minutes. We plan on going sledding later this afternoon, after lunch (Costco frozen cheese pizzas! Add some bacon – OMG. Yum.)

I marinated a huge pork roast overnight in a fajita marinade. It’s now sitting on four colors of peppers and an onion in the crock pot and smells SO GOOD. I can’t wait for dinner tonight!

Hannah is currently watching the new episodes of Daniel Tiger. She’s been asking every day when they will be on, and when the strawberry and fireworks episodes will be back. (We only have the PBS Kids app on Roku, so we only get 5 episodes at a time.)


We went sledding. Not at the hill everyone else uses (hello Death Hill!) but at a smaller, more kids-friendly hill across the street. Next time, I’m bringing a chair. The kids handled this like pros, so all I needed to do was supervise and occasionally yell, “Watch out for that tree!” We plan on going back later this week when it’s supposed to be close to 40*. I’ll have to dig my camp chair out of storage.

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And the dinner I was so excited about? I think I let it cook too long, or didn’t put enough seasoning in, so it just kind of tasted like pork roast. Oh well, the leftovers will be good. All I have to do for dinner tomorrow night is make some potatoes. Boom. Done.

The kids are on their iPads right now, because we’re all tired and it’s not quite bedtime.

Update on my spots: arms are so much better. Legs are coming along nicely, and the rest? Meh. It’s ok. It’s only been a week, so I’d say this is progress.

Back to the routines tomorrow. Have a great week!

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