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Hannah always come in at 6:40 and says, “It’s morning! I slept in my own bed!” It’s a good thing we have to get up at 6:45, otherwise I would make her go back to bed.

Hannah and I did four loads of laundry today. Why they have so many clothes, I don’t know. I try to put some away, but then it doesn’t seem like they have enough. I can ‘t wait for summer, when they can just wear shorts and t-shirts all the time. And no socks. Ugh. Socks.

We went sledding after school today with my sister’s kids. They all had fun and no one got hurt, surprisingly, since the crashed into each other quite often.

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We had to wander around the store tonight, wasting time, so we found some clearance snow pants for Lauren (with the straps, so they will stay on) and some clear storage bins, also on clearance. Since it’s supposed to be rainy and icky this weekend, I plan on having the kids sort out all of their toys into bins – Barbies, Littlest Pet Shop/Ponies, Doc and Elsa stuff. I also bought a stuffed animal holder a few weeks ago that I never put up. After all the stuff they got for Christmas, it’s just so overwhelming they don’t even know what to play with.

I’m watching Taboo on FX right now. The first episode. I’ve heard good things about it, and I like Tom Hardy in most things, but I’m not sure about this one. It seems way better than The Boring Executioner though.

I didn’t get any writing done tonight, after my 1500-word day yesterday. Oh, well. It’s not like I have an editor or publisher to answer to, although sometimes I wish I did. Having a real deadline might make me take it seriously most days.

We only have one more nice day before the rain and snow start, so we plan on picking both kids up from school again tomorrow (Lauren usually rides the bus) to go sledding one more time. Judging by the 15-day forecast, it looks like we may be on the upswing for temps though, so that makes me happy. I’m already tired of winter. I was sick of it way back on Nov 18, when we got 12″ of snow two days after having temps in the 70s.

I can barely keep my eyes open, so I’m headed to bed. Night!

(I really need to get my s*** together with Project Life. I’m already two weeks behind…)

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