Chapter 2017 {Page 19}

I spent a few hours at Starbucks this morning, trying to get some writing done. Turns out, it’s more chaotic and noisy there than it is at my house. I guess I’m not meant to be one of those cool writers who sit at coffee shops and churn out hundreds of words an hour. I only got 306 words in today, but I set up a new site (B A Harding) and scrolled Pinterest for things to fill it with (like what do authors blog about, other than the books they are writing?)

We tried to go sledding today, since it was 43*, but the snow was too sticky. So the kids decided to have a snowball fight on the playground.

Beth Hardinger Blog

The kids watched another episode of Just Add Magic and had some popcorn, since it’s National Popcorn Day. Then Tim brought home some ice cream, so they each had to have a bowl of that. Bedtime was a little bit later than usual, but eh. Life is short.

Now it’s only 9pm and I’m already falling asleep at the keyboard. Tomorrow is a new day – a dark day – but we shall survive.

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