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I got another coffee this morning (hey – I said I’d quit, but not today, ok? And I had a coupon.) and walked around Target for a little while. We had some time to kill before we picked up the kids a few towns over. I picked out some little things to give Hannah for her birthday tomorrow (new blanket, mess-free glitter coloring book and Elsa slippers – all on clearance) and got a coffee for my mom.

We got an inch of snow last night, but the roads were decent. We picked up the kids and they both fell asleep on the ride home (which was about 45 minutes) and made them chicken nuggets for lunch when we got home. They all have the typical post-gramma’s house attitude – and always asking for candy and cake. Good thing we don’t have much of either left.

The kids haven’t really been home since Christmas, so all of their new toys have just been sitting in a bin in the living room. I took some of them out of the packages yesterday (what a waste – all that cardboard and plastic) but of course, all they want to do is watch TV. Tomorrow life goes back to normal, so I’m just letting them do what they want today.

Spaghetti for dinner – even Hannah had some, because she wanted yogurt for dessert. Avery is having some tummy issues (because it wouldn’t be someone’s birthday without someone getting sick) and Lauren got a shower and a hair trim.

I feel sort of weird typing out our day, but I think it’s the only way I’ll be held accountable and actually finish something, even if no one reads it. I kind of like seeing all of the posts in a row, knowing that I am keeping up. And it’s not like I have anything else to do at night, now that Hannah falls asleep on her own, in her own bed. It only took ┬áthree years.

I’m still watching the MARS show on FX. I’m on episode 6 and it hasn’t really improved. I was hoping they would find some sort of alien life, but (spoiler alert) nothing is happening. Not even down in that huge cavern/lava tube, there wasn’t anything. Time to find a new show, which is tough. I’ve seen just about everything that’s out there, some I’ve watched multiple times (Parenthood, Grimm). And no, This Is Us is not like Parenthood. I couldn’t handle more than two episodes.

Time to go drown myself in lotion (thanks to my weird skin problems) and find a new show, so I can settle in and work on my #kidlit first draft. (124 words so far)

School tomorrow!! Yay…

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