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It’s Hannah’s 3rd birthday today. I don’t even know how that happened. Along with her birthday comes more attitude. And even less appetite. And the great adventure of potty-training.

We are having a mini party for Hannah tonight, since we did a family one on Christmas Eve. I found some little presents for the kids to give her and she picked out a little cake and some candles. I might to another Facebook Live like I did with Lauren’s real birthday, so family can see Hannah blow out the candles and get her gifts. The kids really like FB Live, because they like talking about anything and nothing, so it should be fun. Hannah requested “nerdles and cheese and nerdles” for dinner (mac and cheese) so that’s what we’re doing. She may eat, she may not. She had pretzels for lunch, so she might be hungry.

I started drafting a children’s book last night. Well, I have a rough idea for one, but it’s not turning out how I had hoped. I don’t quite know how to turn an idea into a real story yet. (And I want to be a writer…HA.) I do think it’s a little tougher writing a children’s book than say, a YA book. With children’s books, they are generally shorter, so you have to have a clear beginning, middle and ending, with a decent plot and challenge. I like books that have a message too, and I’d like to incorporate Down syndrome in there, without having it be the main idea.

I’m also working on some YA stories. The longest one is 15,000 words right now, and I have a good idea of where it’s going. It could possibly even be a series….we’ll see. I need about 70,000 more words to finish the first draft.

Well, dinner’s over and the ‘party’ was quick. Hannah got Elsa slippers (that are a little too small, but I will be exchanging them tomorrow), a huge blanket to make forts, and Mess-Free glitter paper and markers.

Now she’s making every excuse not to go to bed. Up and down the stairs, tattling on the other kids (Lauren’s sneezing! Avery’s talking too much!) and asking for water, crayons, Kleenex and Barbies. Bedtime is usually 7, but we got a late start, so now all the kids are pretty wired.

That’s it for today, I guess. I’m off to write some more words in some story saved on my laptop.

One more thing.

Today is my brother’s LAST DAY OF CHEMO. He had some chemo pills to take this morning, but he’s finished now. Three long years of lumbar punctures, chemo in his spine, steroids (yikes) and all of the things that go along with having cancer and treatment. He’s looking forward to feeling better and having more energy to get outdoors and fish!

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