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I’ve done nothing today. Anxiety and depression suck. I took my kids to school, fed and changed Hannah, but that was about it. I had big plans to go to Starbucks for a few hours to write, but the thought of sitting in a tiny space with other humans is just too much today. So I am sitting at home, scrolling through Pinterest, looking for yet another story idea, as if I don’t have fifty saved on my laptop already.

The rest of the day went better than the morning. Hannah has been using the potty all day, and even said “I need to go potty!” before bed (and went!). Next up will be getting rid of the pull-ups. She’s actually excited so it might not be as tough as I feared….

It was apparently National Spaghetti Day today, so the kids had leftover spaghetti from Monday night. We also had some cake left from Hannah’s birthday, so they loved dinner tonight.

The kids have been in bed for over an hour, so I just clicked out of a planner review blog I found. Good news! The planner I bought this year is a huge hit! It makes me want to use it even more, and I know I won’t be purchasing any others. You can find all of the tools for goal setting I’m using in 2017 here. No ads or affiliate links. I just love the stuff.

Now, I’m watching Spy and working on a new story. Also just found out that Avery’s class has lice and my sister has the stomach flu. The kids were with them all last week, and all weekend, so I’m gearing up for barf-fest. Again.

Now I’m all depressed about that so I’m just gonna quit for tonight.

Wash your hands!

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