Chapter 2017 {Page 5}

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This is gonna be a short one because I just don’t have much to say today. It was -20 this morning, and will be even colder tonight. Hannah went potty all day – not one accident, and she no longer asks for candy after each trip to the bathroom.

Avery had her first Care Group meeting after school. It’s basically a group tutoring session for kids who need a little extra help. She gets help for reading and math.

I am up to 1208 words in my current story and I’m already done with it. I feel like I went the wrong way in the beginning, so I just want to scrap it. But I am going to keep on truckin’ because dammit, I WILL finish something this year.

And I miss going outside, even though I hate being outside. I hate how restricted it is in the winter. Too many layers, too many days stuck in the house, can’t open windows (mostly because they are frozen shut). Spring is only 70 some days away. Soon….

That’s it. I’m mostly posting just to post, which all the smarty-blog people say not to do. Oops.

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