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Today, my #OneLittleWord got me in a big way. (I talk about my word at the end of this post.) I decided last minute to just brave up and take the kids to the library (after we had donuts for breakfast). We spent an hour there, but only ten minutes of it was actually picking out books. The rest was spent playing with the kitchen set. (Why does a library have so many toys?) The kids picked out a few books each, and I had to bribe them when we got home so they would read.

I LOVE reading. I always have. I used to stay up most of the night reading. I would lean over my sister’s bed (I was on the top bunk) so my book was illuminated by the night light. I’d sneak books in class, read during lunch, on the long bus rides to and from school.

My kids did not inherit my love for reading. That makes me sad. There is nothing better than reading a good book after an exhausting day. I’ve gone wrong somewhere in my nine years of parenting where my kids would rather watch a screen than read a page.

Anyway. After we had lunch, we went to wander Costco (my sister asked us to go since she didn’t have her kids.) The kids had just about every sample (even turkey bacon and veggie muffins) then we went back to her house where she made her famous cookies. (We also made awesome Costco pork chops for a late lunch. Yum.)

I’m not super happy with this post, but I’ll publish it anyway.

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  1. My kids haven’t adopted my love of reading either. It makes me sad.

    I do know that I need to read aloud with them more often versus expecting them to pick up a book on their own.

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