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Avery wanted to use my camera yesterday. I was a little nervous, but I think she did fine. She was able to get us in focus, using back-button focus (where you push a little button on the back of the camera to focus, then push the shutter to take the photo.)Beth Hardinger BlogBeth Hardinger BlogBeth Hardinger Blog

As much as I don’t like photos of myself, I know it’s not for me – it’s for me kids. Later on, they will care that I was in the photos with them – not just behind the camera.

Beth Hardinger Blog

Lauren watched Avery, while Avery experimented with different angles and decided that she wanted to try. It took some practice to find the buttons and press them at the right times, but she did great! She took the photo below, using live view (seeing the scene on the LCD screen, not looking through the viewfinder.) I told her to push the button until the green box was on my face, and then take the photo. I think I’ll let the kids use my camera more often!

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