Project Life 2017

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I chose the brand new Project 52 Fresh Edition to document 2017. It’s designed by one of my favorite kit designers, Liz Tamanaha. I think I own almost every kit she has designed, either in the Project Life app, digitally or in paper. I actually want to start using the kit now for the rest of 2016, since I can’t really find a winter kit I like.

I may document December along with Ali Edwards (called December Daily). I’m not sure yet. I have Ali’s digital DD kit, but we don’t do much in December, other than the usuals like work and school.

You can find my Project Life pages here.


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(I can’t find my photos from 2008-2012, sadly. I thought they were backed up on my old hard drive, but nope.)

This was 2013. It was so cold we had to go home and get the winter coats. We didn’t spend much time out there that night. We went home early and made frozen pizzas. Never had one trick-or-treater. 🙁

Beth Hardinger - Blog

This was 2014. Hannah’s first Halloween. It was much warmer than the year before, thankfully, and the sun even came out for a little bit.

Beth Hardinger - BlogBeth Hardinger - Blog

And this was last year, while we were in Montana. We didn’t have much money, so we got their costumes from the thrift store. Beth Hardinger - Blog

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Day In The Life {Autumn Edition}

I will be joining Ali Edwards on October 27 to document a day in my life. I’m not sure if she has a graphic to share, but I made my own for my blog. Beth Hardinger Day In The Life

My plan is to take photos with both my big camera and my phone, but let’s be honest, most of them will be phone photos. It’s what I always have with me and it’s so easy to edit and share them directly from my phone, vs. uploading, editing, resizing, saving to Dropbox, exporting and uploading to Instagram.

I will be using Photoshop to put an album together though, with Project Life templates, Ali’s DITL templates and her DITL No. 3 kit. *Not affiliate links, I just like these products!

I’ll be posting it all to my instagram on October 27.

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The Great Pumpkin Festival

This afternoon, we went to the Great Pumpkin Festival here in town. I can’t share many photos because of privacy but we played at the park afterwards. Hannah wasn’t able to go on the jumpy slide because it was too hard for her to climb up the rope ladder thing, so she was a little mad.

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Lauren had a great time going down the slide. She didn’t like having to wait her turn but she did a great job at being patient.

oct-15-lauren1-fbBeth Hardinger Blog

And Lauren got a haircut today! Finally! Now, with her glasses and her new hairs, she’s ready for school! She was a little ticked that today was Saturday.

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Hannah was talking to a grey squirrel. She was fascinated by it, and it just sat and looked at her (from pretty far away).

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We also met a new little friend, Willow, who lives about 30 minutes from us. She’s 3 and has Down syndrome, like Lauren. Willow just had her heartiversary (anniversary of her open heart surgery) the other day. She’s doing so well and is adorable. We hope to get together soon!

Happy Weekend!

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The Last Warm Days

There’s snow in our forecast, right before Halloween. So when the weather app said it was 60* we headed to the park. It was pretty nice, even with 20mph winds. Most of the trees still have their leaves, and are still so colorful.

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I let Hannah play in the sand and leaves. She was a little surprised that I didn’t stop her, but took full advantage of it.

Beth Hardinger BlogBeth Hardinger BlogBeth Hardinger BlogBeth Hardinger Blog

Lauren got to go to the Farm today with her special ed class. She brought home a tiny gourd – not a pumpkin – which I thought was pretty unique. She wore her new glasses all day, even though we didn’t buy her a strap for them yet. I think she looks older with them.

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 They all played in the leaves a little, and I cringed every time they threw a handful in the air, but they were having so much fun!

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Tomorrow it’s supposed to be 70* and sunny, so we are planning on spending most of it outside. There’s also some sort of free Pumpkin Festival tomorrow afternoon, with a pie-eating contest and horse-back riding. And – gramma’s coming!

Have a great weekend! I’ll be sharing photos of all our fun on instagram.

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