It’s Been A Long Time

I haven’t posted on this blog in forever. Since the spring, I think. (I had to remove all of the old posts due to heavy spam comments. Not sure if I will republish them.) I’ve been thinking about refreshing this blog for awhile. I also have Beth Hardinger Images and Inspired By Down Syndrome (I will be officially launching that Jan 1, 2017).

I guess I will do a little update on us to start.

Beth Hardinger Images

Lauren is almost 9 and currently in third grade. She’s having a blast at recess, now that she can finally do the monkey bars. She spent all summer practicing and watching American Ninja Warrior. She’s also working hard on slowing down and speaking clearly so we can all understand her. This book has helped so much! (And the author used to be her speech therapist! #NotAnAd) We’ve been watching Born This Way together, and she has said several times that she wants to be a pet vet when she grows up. We have no doubt that she will achieve her goal!

Avery is 7 and in second grade. She loves school and riding the bus. She loves her teacher this year. She thinks it’s pretty awesome that guys can be teachers. Avery’s starting to read chapter books – I even reserved a copy of Disney’s The Descendants book at the library for her to try and she just lost another tooth (that makes five? Six? Not sure anymore) and got a dollar. She immediately wanted to go buy a toy, but we had to have a discussion about money.

Hannah is almost 3 and loves to talk! She is sleeping all night in her own bed now (finally) and watches Daniel Tiger almost too much. She’s not much of an eater these days but will always request a peanut butter sandwich over almost anything.

I’m still taking pictures and I’m going to attempt NaNoWriMo yet again in November. I actually have an idea that has an ending so maybe I’ll get to 50,000 words this year.

On October 27, I’ll be participating in A Day In The Life with Ali Edwards. I’d love to get back into scrapbooking. I miss seeing completed pages.

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