Somebody Famous

As I was watching the junk show that is our government, I got an email from Avery’s teacher, saying they were starting a writing unit on biographies, so she needed to write about somebody famous. The first person that popped into my mind was the creator of Doc McStuffins, Chris “Doc” Nee.

I’ll be posting Avery’s writing here when she’s finished.


Lauren is going on a field trip, to a camp for people with disabilities. I like this camp, and what they are doing, but I wish they had more activities for younger people with disabilities. Everything they post looks so fun, but it’s only for adults. There really isn’t anything for Lauren to do around here, with other kids her age. (And yes, I’ve tried to start things multiple times. Hard to do when we don’t know anyone else with disabilities.)

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(Avery was reading 47 Strings to the kids.)




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