Summer Reading Recommendations

I have the hardest time finding good books. I’ve been stuck in a YA paranormal rut forever, but would really like to branch out and start reading “grown-up books”. I’m not a big non-fiction fan, but there are some that seem interesting. So I want to know, what are you reading this summer? What’s on your list? Fiction, non-fiction, any and all genres. Let me know!!

Beth Hardinger Blog - Summer Reading

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  1. I am flip-flopping between YA and self-help. On my reading list right now is finishing Granola, MN (a HILaRIOUS YA book from a minnesota author friend) and The Unmistakable Gift of Grace by Cheryl Richardson.

  2. I’m reading a business book right now about the psychology of persuasion but it’s pretty heavy so I can only do it in small doses haha. I need a fiction read to lighten my brain I think!

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