One Little Word Update

Hoo boy. This word has been kicking my butt these past few months. COURAGEOUS was the word I chose, in case you missed it. So much has happened lately, and I’ve really needed to dig deep and get things done. This word is pushing me on.

I’ve made appts and gone to personal therapy (and continue to go).

I’ve signed the kids up for summer sports again (ugh).

I’ve made and taken the kids to so many appts I don’t remember what was done or who was seen (but it’s written down somewhere I think.)

I’ve sought out other moms and made plans with them.

I started reading non-fiction books (normally I read YA paranormal books).

I’ve had some hard conversations with myself about what I want for me, and for my kids in the future.

I’ve learned that I can only control ME and my thoughts and actions.

I registered for college (maybe summer, definitely fall). Special Education A.A.S Degree.

I talked to a stranger. Yep. This goes on my list of accomplishments.

I’ve learned that I WANT to make my life better for me and my kids. I have a path, a direction, now and I have a little hope for the future.

I know that this will take a ton of work. And like my therapist says, I WILL fail. But I WILL get back up and try again. I will not let failure defeat me. I deserve better and I am going to be better, do better.

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The Year Ahead {My Goals}

Beth Hardinger Blog

I have several things I want to accomplish in 2017. Most are writing-related, surprisingly. I’ve always had stories in my head, but these past few months, I’ve been really trying to get them down on paper (or into Microsoft Word).

I put the goals into my PowerSheets Goal Planner (not an ad – seriously). I’ve been using PowerSheets for a few years, and I love organizing, list-making and writing things down. PowerSheets make it easy for me to break my goals down step-by-step. (I bought the six-month goal workbook, and I plan on doing two months at a time. I will spring for the one-year in 2018, like I did last year.) I listed all the things I’m using for 2017 here.


  • write first draft of children’s book #kidlit
  • writing something every day (pick a word count and stick to it)
  • participate in Camp NaNo (April + July)
  • first drafts of 2 ebooks
  • finish first draft of NaNo 2016 novel


  • post on this blog (BHB) 1-2x/wk (drafts and photos from archives)
  • post on IBDS 1x/wk
  • draft 30 posts for IBDS (due August)
  • draft 30 posts for BHB (due August)


  • get professional help for my depression and anxiety
  • get to the bottom of my skin disease (in progress…appt on Jan 9)
  • exercise daily (stairs or youtube videos, or both)
  • drink water – lots
  • no coffee/soda – break caffeine habit. It makes me feel icky anyway.
  • analog weekends (1x/mo) (no tech)
  • No-Spend month – Contentment Challenge
  • use my PowerSheets and IWP daily
  • homeschooling during school breaks – including summer
  • researching and planning summer homeschooling
  • purge house and storage unit (clean out and close SU by June???)
  • take better care of myself and my family (eat better, shop better, save money)
  • cancel all photography forum memberships

I chose Courageous as my One Little Word for 2017. You would think I would have picked this word for 2016, because of all the moving, and new experiences and everything else, but honestly, I can’t even remember my word for 2016. I stopped thinking about it a month or two into the new year.

I’ve been thinking of Courageous for months. Every time I hear the Casting Crowns song (1st track), I remember why I chose that word and all that I will accomplish/experience in 2017 because of it. I’ll be posting more about my goals later this month.

Will any of these things get accomplished? I don’t know. But I do know I’m tired of just surviving my day, surfing the net, bingeing on TV shows and just being a lazy person. My kids deserve better and I deserve better.

Do you set goals? If you do, what are they?

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