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Day In The Life is Ali Edwards’ project. You can learn more about it on her blog. 

I am documenting two days this year, since I don’t have the kids every day. I want to focus on routine, but also how things have changed since becoming a one-parent household.

I haven’t had success with documenting an entire day before. I always forget by about noon, and by the time I remember, it’s bedtime and too dark for photos.

This time, I am setting an hourly reminder in my phone, which will tell me to take a photo (either with my phone or my DSLR – really want to use the DSLR as much as possible) and to make a note with what the photo was about and some feelings about the moment.

I’ll be using VSCOcam for editing photos (legacy 04 preset) and the Filmborn app with the PANF black and white preset. For putting together a layout, I will be using the Project Life app, with the Project 52 Fresh Edition. I haven’t decided which template to use (6×8 or 12×12) but it will most likely be 12×12, since I usually take too many photos and can’t leave any out.

Are you joining in on June 20? 

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Project Life 2017

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I chose the brand new Project 52 Fresh Edition to document 2017. It’s designed by one of my favorite kit designers, Liz Tamanaha. I think I own almost every kit she has designed, either in the Project Life app, digitally or in paper. I actually want to start using the kit now for the rest of 2016, since I can’t really find a winter kit I like.

I may document December along with Ali Edwards (called December Daily). I’m not sure yet. I have Ali’s digital DD kit, but we don’t do much in December, other than the usuals like work and school.

You can find my Project Life pages here.


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